Dance Artist. Instructor. Choreographer. Company Director. Event Organizer.

Born in Russia, Eliana started bellydance after she moved to Germany. With her talent, disciplined work and passion for dance she became one of the top bellydancer in Europe within a short space of time.

Eliana owes her dance competence today to numerous internationally renowned teachers, who gave a lot of dance and artistic qualification to her. Djamila, Said el Amir, Jillina, Momo Kadoush, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Emanuel, GabriellaAnita Lalwani and Sandi Ball from FCBD® belong to Elianas main teachers.

2006 she successfully completed the jomdance®- (jazz-oriental-modern) and the ESTODA®- (essentual technique of oriental dance) dance education.

2013 Eliana achieved certification in General Skills for ATS® and Teacher Training I and II with Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin.

“Never stop learning” is one of Elianas favorite sayings. So she continues to study and develop her knowledge and dance skills, to travel around the world and to discover the endless beauty of bellydance.

2010 she won the Bellydance Evolution Show competition in Europe and was on tour with BDE in Germany, Budapest, Morocco, Taiwan. She danced one of the leading parts – the Oracle Part -  in the BDE Show in Beijing, China. She was also engaged as Jillinas co-trainer for the Bellydance Evolution tour in Taiwan and China.

Eliana is a member and soloist of the jomdance®-company, created by Said el Amir.

2012 she started her own dance company “Liquid Lemon”, specialized in tribal fusion and contemporary bellydance.

Eliana is also producer and creator of the Tribal Passion event in Germany.

She travels a lot, teaching seminars and performing in shows. Her weekly classes take place in Offenbach, Germany.

Eliana is known for her versatile expressive dance performances on stage and for her inspiring, well structured teaching in class room.

“Dance to express not to impress!” is Eianas Motto on stage and off stage.

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